The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a leading global test of English language proficiency. It enables organisations to assess the skills of people who need to communicate in English across the world – for study, work or migration. It has been accepted by many countries as an important measure of English language proficiency for a range of purposes including visa applications, study or work permits, or permanent residency.

Viza Education is the best place to get the most authentic IELTS courses and services in Kathmandu. Hailed as the highest authority for English language, IELTS is a standardized test that has been adopted by academic institutions and governments all over the world. . We have helped students attain good scores in IELTS and thereby paving their way to success of education abroad.

The IELTS qualification is an essential requirement to study abroad or undertake training at a non-English speaking university. Viza Education has the experience and expertise to help both students studying in Nepal and those attending universities overseas pass this challenging test and secure the visa needed to study. Our English classes cover all four modules of the exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each module comprises four subtests for a total of 20 units.

IELTS Components


IELTS Listening tests your ability to understand normal conversations and lectures, on a range of topics, by real-life speakers. Each recording is approximately 30 minutes long, so you'll need to concentrate in order to spot gaps in speakers' knowledge and make inferences from what they say.


IELTS Reading contains 40 questions. Forty short texts are used to test your reading skills. There are five different sections, each with four parts. These sections test your skills in the following ways: multiple choice, matching grammar and vocabulary, identifying the writer's points of view, and matching headings.


The Writing Task is a chance to show your ability to create a well-organized piece of writing that is not too formal or too informal. In this Task you are also given the opportunity to show how well you can present your ideas in writing, how clearly you can arrange ideas into a coherent sequence, and how much information you can include in writing


You will be assessed on how smoothly you can speak in English and how you deal with questions and everyday situations, including how well you  use language to help yourself and others. You will have an opportunity to speak about experiences and interests, talk about reasons and give advice, describe past or future events, or tell a story.

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